Mehmet Akif Ersoy Universty-Tefenni Vocational School of Higher Education

   Graduated students can continue in this segment of the elite universities, such as adopted by the Board of Higher Education abroad, mainlyto the overall grade point average, predicted it would in case of fulfillment of criteria in the fields of Computer and Informatics Engineeringhas the opportunity to complete their undergraduate studies.

The training program developed is planned for two years. Program, at the end of each school year Industry-Based Learning with 6 weeks is supported. Training program model which is used for this program, accordance with today's technology educates Computer technician In this Program, business and social life, problems and issues related to data collection and processing this information is aimed to train technicians to work in the computer analysis.

Job opportunities

  • Computer and Peripherals, installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting
  • Small and medium-sized program writing, giving education about office management, programming, hardware issues
  • Working computer sales and service companies
  • Installing and operating Single-and multi-user operating systems
  • Creating Medium and large-scale database, programming and managing
  • Establishing Small and medium-sized local area network and managing
  • Making intermediate and advance web design, Managing and editing to make

Computer Programming students in other vocational schools may transfer to the associate degree programs. To undergraduate programs are possible according to the results of vertical transfer exam organized by ÖSYM ;

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer Engineering, Computer teacher,
  • Computer Systems teacher,
  • Computer Technology and Information Systems,
  • Computer and Information Systems,
  • Computer and Control teacher,
  • Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher,
  • Computer and Informatics,
  • Information Systems Engineering,
  • Information Systems and Technology,
  • Electronics and Computer Education,
  • Physics
  • Statistics,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Statistics and Computer Science,
  • Mathematics - Computer,
  • Meteorological Engineering,
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture