Mehmet Akif Ersoy Universty-Tefenni Vocational School of Higher Education


Computer Technologies Program, within the IT sector with a view to date that, computer hardware, system software, application software,computer networking technologies for the security of information technologies, communication technologies and trained manpower in this field, procedures, internet, intranet and the management and development of communication tools covers. The wide range of very high value added areas of the above information, equipment and human resource specialists considering having thecomputer technology market today is one of the popular sectors Curriculum of the department; İKMEP (Human Resources Development through Vocational Education Project), the national and internationalexperts, representatives of Higher Education and academics, representatives of Ministry of Education and teachers, social partners, labor market representatives and professionals formed the basis of the curriculum developed in cooperation with contains the most current issues. In addition, this program, graduates as a "Computer Technology Technician" will carry the title of the individual job description, role,considering the adequacy of technical skills and behavior patterns in the lines were determined. Computer Technology Program, a 30 working day period in the training industry, industry-based learning (training) will be made. Into practicethe theoretical knowledge acquired in the student to see the business environment, the learning required to prepare and forward to live.

For students who graduate from this department in accordance with the principles of the 2547 Higher education legislation to continue the vertical transition is possible. Vertical migration may be made 4-year segments are as follows:

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer Engineering, Computer teacher,
  • Computer Systems teacher,
  • Computer Technology and Information Systems,
  • Computer and Information Systems,
  • Computer and Control teacher,
  • Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher,
  • Computer and Informatics,
  • Information Systems Engineering,
  • Information Systems and Technology,
  • Electronics and Computer Education,
  • Physics
  • Statistics,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Statistics and Computer Science,
  • Mathematics - Computer,
  • Meteorological Engineering,
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture