Mehmet Akif Ersoy Universty-Tefenni Vocational School of Higher Education


In recent years, the demand for herbal products is increasing. Regarding the increasing demand, there is also increased the need for people knowledgeable expert on this issue. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program has been established to meet this need. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program, country with a rich diversity of plant detection of biological properties of medicinal and aromatic plants, preservation and cultivation, medicinal plants and establishments that sold drugs, beauty salons, technical staff needed help in the arms of perfume and cosmetics aims to educate.

The mission of our program, in compliance with the requirements of the era and the world updated with the quality of higher education, especially in the region, medicinal and aromatic plants technicians that are missing in our country are aim to educate. The vision of our program, taking into account of the regional resources and needs to produce universal values, knowledge, and service; with our understanding of student-centered we aim to gain acceptance to all country-wide

Program Job Opportunities

Technicians who graduated from our program, engaged in import and export of medicinal plants and drugs in the private sector establishments, laboratories that produce herbal medicine, beauty salons, phytotherapy and aromatherapy centers, herbalist, perfume and cosmetics industry can work and such establishments can set up a shop. In addition, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Health can be employed. Also, a 2-year associate degree graduates who complete the program successfully will can switch to another at the status of vertical faculties.

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program students to other vocational schools may transfer to the associate degree programs

Plant and animal production students may transfer to the associate degree programs. Passing to undergraduate programs are possible as a result of the vertical exam which is made by ÖSYM.

  • Horticulture,
  • Plant Protection,
  • Horticulture Production and Marketing,
  • Department of Chemistry,
  • Field Crops,