Mehmet Akif Ersoy Universty-Tefenni Vocational School of Higher Education



Tefenni Vocational Mehmet Akif Ersoy University started its operations in the 2009-2010 academic year as a vocational school within the first opening. Firstly, students were taken to Computer Programming and Taxation and Accounting programs.

Tefenni made in our district and made the student hostel, hotel, home for students. Guests at peace with great emphasis on human Tefenni students and a friendly host.
It is away 70 km to Burdur, 100 km to Isparta, 120 km to Antalya, 120 km to Denizli and 120 km to Fethiye. Tefenni is on road at Afyon-Fethiye route and Denizli-Antalya route.
This city continent date Phrygian Phrygian Kingdom dependent Psidya 's is one of the oldest cities. Psidya, the Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, and they have long-term administration. This past BC It lasts up to 800-500 years. Researchers in this topic - Historian, Texier and Rasav, Stephen was new in the Classical Age and Temzsoni I-Temennos (Tefenni) are common to the history of ideas. 13th century. Domination is a village that has remained until the Byzantine. However, our county has come up today as a completely Tirkemiş Congregation of the Turkish city and have acquired abroad. Tefenni, had an accident in 1868 and Burdur center is connected to the starboard. Tefenni, of Ali-Ceva "Memalik-i Osmaniye Lexicon of the History and Geography" is at work; Tefenni Burdur province of Konya, an accident depends on the starboard, as it is stated. The Seljuks were administered in a village in the Hamitoğulları time. Eşeler first city founded around the flasks Spring Mountain foothills. At that time, households with 80-100 Tefenni 'had been multiply the number of homes with tribal CO to come to this place and has begun to establish Tefenni.
3719 degrees Latitude Longitude coordinate degrees Tefenni 2946, between 1142 and the altitude M., an area covering 835 km2 area of ??the Mediterranean Region Lakes Region is located in an area called. West boundary of Denizli and Eşeler Mountains, in the north of the town of Karaman is surrounded by Bozdag on the east. City Center Burdur is 70 km away. District 2 is connected to our 11 villages and towns. District boundaries in the north Tefenni Plain, West Eşeler mountain, located in the South West Comfortable mountains. Baynaz Tea, Tea Karamusa, Bezirgan Creek are the main rivers of our county. These Bezirgan Creek and Karamusa tea, Dalaman are important sources feeding the tea. Our district flasks name given, are said to be good for Medicinal flasks kidney disease. Dry in the summer, although no permanent rivers and streams and there are many rivers and streams that can be called tea. Tefenni Mediterranean region and climate of each region is a gateway between Central Anatolia Region is affected. Therefore, the summers are hot and dry, while winters are cold and rainy. Generally range from -21 to + 36 degrees, but the temperature is stable.
22/25 mm annual rainfall m2 / kg, the average relative humidity of 40-45% by weight. Our district is convenient and efficient agriculture is a major part of the land. Tefenni irrigation pond, Hasanpaşa Pond, Mills has a pond. Besides Mills, Karamusa and Slots Village Mills is located in the border village at a place called the Düvenka Kırkpınar called natural spring water in there, it's a lot of land is used for irrigation in the region. 200,000 hectares of farmland in aqueous 120,000 hectares, 80,000 hectares of dry farming is done. 3 Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in support of agriculture, was established in 25 various-purpose Cooperative. Mechanized farming is preferred.